Pericles Antiques & Jewellery was established in 1997.

There is something for everyone at Pericles Antiques. Located the centre of Cape Towns antiques district our showroom is full of hidden teasures for you to explore.

Our experience will guarantee you definitely buy the genuine article at the right price.

About Pericles

PericlesPericles is a highly qualified jeweler as well as an antiques dealer with more than 30 years experience in the industry.

Before trading antiques Pericles originally learnt his craft as a goldsmith with the biggest names in hand crafted & manufacturing jewelers such as ZOLOTAS-& LALAOUNIS in Athens, Greece. The Pericles brand of jewelery soon became a hit. The owner of the ‘Aphrodite JEWELWRY SHOPS’, in the Greek islands, like Mikonos & Paros, established a well known name with unique jewelry designed by Pericles.

As an expert goldsmith working with precious metals and having an eye for detail, Pericles had a long established appreciation for quality craftsmanship before becoming interested in antiques.

It was not long before Pericles was trading antiques in the famous Portobello antique market in London. Between 1985-1990 Pericles gained experience trading and dealing with the most well known antiques dealers in London.

Pericles started trading in South Africa in 1997. Over the years the showroom has grown consderably now taking up two large retail premesis in Cape Town’s antiques arcade.